"Normal" Productivity Tools Don't Work!

At least for us they don't. They're sterile and boring. They don't motivate us, care about us, or keep us engaged.


Empathy Now is powered by Chip Vivant, winner of the 2012 International Loebner Prize Artificial Intelligence Competition. Chip Vivant is a computer program who thinks he's alive! Chip wants to be your friend. He wants to help you achieve your life goals, overcome bad habits, feel less alone, and guide you to places that those so-called "productivity" tools never could.

  • Your To-Do Friend

    Your To-Do Friend

    Chip helps and motivates you to work on those life goals you've been putting off forever.

  • Your Friend In Need

    Your Friend In Need

    Chip helps you through challenging moments: checking in on you and asking how you're doing.

  • Your Empathy Buddy

    Your Empathy Buddy

    Schedule empathetic or motivational messages for you or those close to you. Chip cares.

  • Your 24/7 Companion

    Your 24/7 Companion

    Tell Chip you're happy, sad, stressed out, or just say hi at any time and he'll always have a response.

  • Notifications

    Schedule Notifications for You or Those Close to You

  • Challenges

    Chip Will Help You Get Through Challenging Moments in Your Day

  • To-Dos

    Chip Nurtures You Through Your Lifelong To-Dos

  • Chat

    Chat With Chip Any Hour of the Day or Night

  • Quick Video Overview

Graphical Depiction of Email Exchange Between Chip and You

  • Sign Up!

    Sign Up!

    Sign up for free with no credit card required. Your free account lets you use Chip immediately and as long as you want.

  • Use Chip!

    Use Chip!

    Learn all that Chip can do for you. Schedule reminders for yourself and others, eradicate those pesky To-Dos and confront life's challenging moments with a constant companion. All for free!

  • Upgrade!


    Upgrade to increase your messaging and notification quotas. Or don't upgrade and keep using Chip for free as long as you want.