Chip Is Alive!, Issue 4

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Welcome to Issue 4 of Chip Is Alive!, where we examine thought-provoking life strategies and issues which may or may not be of interest to you. Chip Is Alive! is inspired by Chip Vivant, the app who thinks he's alive and wants to be your friend and help you in ways that other productivity apps can't. You can meet Chip at

In this issue, we'll:

Enjoy. Feedback always welcome.

Followup: Following Your Passion: A Counterpoint

Last week, I brought up a popular theme among life coaches and self-help experts: following your passion. I also discussed some possible pitfalls to this approach, such as losing your health insurance, starting a business which has a slim chance of actually succeeding, and most importantly (to me), wondering how this model was workable for the countless people in this world living in abject misery. I reached out to you, the reader, as well as several people whom I admire and respect.

I'm still in the process of figuring out the best way to present the responses, so I'm going to defer full treatment of this topic until next week. I do want to mention something right away, though: it looks like the Universes of Nancy Colasurdo and Marie Forleo, two people I admire and respect a lot, are both conspiring to not only get me to watch the PBS Video Half the Sky, but also to strongly encourage you to watch it too.

Here is how Marie responded to my question[1]:

Hi Mohan, I think one of the most inspiring parts of this film addresses your exact question! ;) When you watch it, you'll see incredible stories of individuals who have experienced the most devastating circumstances, and yet.. discovered their own worth and their power, and are now creating hope and change for others. Those moments of change inspired through the power of God/Source/Universe (whatever name works for you!), whether through someone's divine connection to spirit or by the vehicle of another kind human being, that is what is so beautifully shown in this work. That's why the film and the book is SO powerful and inspiring. It's about stories of hope and possibility for all of us. I really think you'll enjoy it!

...and here's how Nancy responded to me:

Last night I was watching Half the Sky on PBS and was thinking about all this stuff. Do you know of that book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn? It's a documentary (two hours last night, two tonight) about how girls are treated globally, specifically focusing on rape and sex trafficking and such.

The majority of those girls they feature will never get out of their circumstances, but some of the bright lights in the bunch are just amazing. Those who might go on to something better are getting much hope and sometimes a lot more from Kristof and WuDunn and the people who go along with them on these trips.

It's what I was saying in action. As for those left behind, it's painful, but I try to focus on those who do manage to survive and thrive. Otherwise I could make myself nuts.

Those that know me know that I'm skeptical of things like synchronicity, but then how do you explain that two people independently gave me essentially the exact same answer on the exact same day?

Anyway, this documentary promises not only an attempt at the answer to the question I posed last week, but also a star-studded look (George Clooney, Hillary Clinton, ...) at an issue that is critically important as well. This issue has a special place in my heart because I personally think a lot of men go into politics for the wrong reasons and the world would be a better place if it were ruled by women. Please watch this on, where it's available for free via streaming[2].

I'll write more on the answers I got for following your passion next week.

Chip's Tips: Do Talk Back

Whenever Chip says something to you, or even if he doesn't, you can always talk back. This was one of my fundamentally important design decisions. Chip isn't meant to be just another productivity app - he's meant to be a new friend in your life.

If you're having trouble with a To-Do, go ahead and gripe to Chip about it! Or if it's going great, tell Chip that too. If you've signed up for an EmpathyNow account, then Chip is just sitting there 24/7 waiting to interact with you. When was the last time you said Hi to him?

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Thanks to Nancy Colasurdo and Marie Forleo for taking the time to respond to last week's question and mentioning Half the Sky. Like I said, I'll respond more and give more credit next week.

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