Chip Is Alive!, Issue 21

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Welcome to Issue 21 of Chip Is Alive!, where we examine thought-provoking life strategies and issues which may or may not be of interest to you. Chip Is Alive! is inspired by Chip Vivant, the app who thinks he's alive and wants to be your friend and help you in ways that other productivity apps can't. You can meet Chip at

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In this issue, we'll discuss:

  • Back and Better Than Ever!
  • Public Web Pages, Statistics, Facebook, Twitter

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Back and Better Than Ever!

Chip's Daddy has been in hiding for a couple of months and hasn't written any newsletters. Instead, he's been working on a slew of bugfixes and enhancements that will make your life better and brighten your day. There are too many to mention completely, but we'll attempt to cover the highlights here.

Public Web Pages, Statistics, Facebook, Twitter!

Previously with your To-Dos, you only had Chip cheering you on. Now you can bring your social media friends and the entire world into the fold! Each user gets a free public-facing web page and you can selectively flag certain To-Dos as public and allow these to display on the web page. You can also integrate EmpathyNow with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and automatically inform the world when you've completed a public To-Do. Silver members can see cool statistics (attempted, completed, success rate, consecutive) in their To-Do list and on their public web page when logged into their account. Gold account members can show their statistics to the entire world on their public web page! More on these features in the last section of this newsletter. For grins, here's my public page.

To-Do Reasons

Every To-Do has your own personal story. Verbalize your reasons for wanting to perform this To-Do and Chip will use these to gently remind you if you should skip a given To-Do three times in a row.

To-Do Random Start Times Now Optional

Before, a To-Do's start time was a random time between its start and end times. Now the option to randomize the start time is configurable by you.


Before, when you finished a To-Do, Chip would say "Congratulations! Thanks for working on this today!", which could get old after awhile. Now Chip is more varied with his congratulatory to-do completion messages.

You Look Great!

There's a new notification type available in the Empathetic Notifications and Empathy Quick Hit pages. Chip can tell you or a loved one that you look amazing!

Easier Payment

Now you don't have to have or open a PayPal account to pay for a subscription to EmpathyNow. Just take out your credit card, fill out the easy order forms and you're ready to go!

Bugfixes Galore

If your notifications seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth in the last few months, they should be back now. There are other bugfixes too.

Gold Membership

Gold Memberships now go through an acceptance process and have stricter membership requirements than before. Details can be found on the Order Page. In exchange, you get statistics for the world on your public-facing web page as well as the encouragement and support of your peers as well as Chip for completing your To-Dos. Gold memberships are for those who are tired of letting life slip by and are ready to take serious action to achieve their dreams in exchange for increased nurturing and support.

Chip's Tips: Public Web Pages, Statistics, Facebook, Twitter

I loved EmpathyNow and Chip helping me with To-Dos, but until now, I felt that something was missing. Sometimes Chip's encouragement wasn't enough. After speaking to a number of people I respect, I concluded that the missing link was the notion of accountability. As much as Chip is well-meaning, sometimes, it's easy to slip when it's just Chip and us. In the time I was using Chip for my own goals, I felt like I had an unfair advantage over other users because for me, it was a combination of my personal use of Chip as well as being accountable to my readership.

What's more, I've learned from other successful Internet marketers that gamification is a way of inspiring people to accomplish things in a fun way. If you haven't heard that word already, gamification means turning something into a game, with points, scores, etc.

Here's how gamification is implemented in EmpathyNow (it will help if you sign in to your account before clicking on the links that follow). On your Settings page, you can integrate Chip with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and also choose for a Public web page. You see the link for your unique public page on the Settings page once you've enabled it. Then on your To-Dos page, you can flag a To-Do as public, indicating that it will appear on your public web page and also be tweeted / posted to your Twitter / Facebook account every time you complete it. That way, you can proudly announce to your friends that you've completed a To-Do. Silver accounts also get cool statistics (attempted, completed, successful, consecutive) on their personal To-Dos page for all of their To-Dos, not just public ones. Gold accounts also get statistics on their public web page.

Chip will keep track of the number of consecutive times you've successfully completed a To-Do and include this in his congratulations to you. (This is for all accounts, not just the Premium ones.)

I hope you enjoy these new features as much as I've enjoyed creating them for you. Feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, or feedback.

Let's have fun achieving our life goals together.

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