Chip Is Alive!, Issue 22

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Welcome to Issue 22 of Chip Is Alive!, where we examine thought-provoking life strategies and issues which may or may not be of interest to you. Chip Is Alive! is inspired by Chip Vivant, the app who thinks he's alive and wants to be your friend and help you in ways that other productivity apps can't. You can meet Chip at

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In this issue, we'll discuss:

  • More Cool Fixes and Enhancements!
  • Procrastinators Unite!

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More Cool Fixes and Enhancements!

Check out these latest fixes and enhancements! (You'll find them really cool.) (If you haven't read last month's newsletter, you'll want to do so for a recap of Twitter and Facebook integration, public web pages, and statistics.)

  • You can now control the post frequency for Facebook and Twitter! Previously, you were forced to post on the completion of every goal, which could lead to your Twitter Feeds and Facebook timelimes becoming, um, cluttered. (I lost 66% of my Twitter followers because of my incessant tweets and I think the remaining one is a bot :() On your Settings page, you can now choose to post only weekly or monthly tweets / posts. The default is now weekly.
  • If you ignore a To-Do, Chip will now treat it as a skipped one and reset your statistics. Up to now, you and I have been given a free pass if you simply ignored your To-Do. To avoid this, simply disable the To-Do for as long as you want and your statistics will be preserved.
  • The last completed date of a To-Do doesn't disappear anymore after you modify it.
  • Your recipient contact names are now properly sorted in your Notifications, Challenges and To-Dos.
  • Notifications are now fixed. (Adding a notification brought up a blank screen afterwards.)

Finally, there's now a requirement that Free accounts log into their web account once every 60 days. If you don't your account won't be deleted, but no outgoing emails will be sent. Just log in, that's it. You don't have to actually do anything.

Procrastinators Unite!

Chip has a soft spot for people who have trouble attending to their low-priority To-Dos. I have some very strong, unconventional ideas on why people wired like I am procrastinate, and I've launched a new, separate website to help people like us and explore these themes. You have to explicitly opt in to this, but I honestly think that you'll find it worth it. It was a thrilling feeling to watch one of my reader's faces as she finished my report and made fun of it at the beginning, yet had an inspired, awe-struck look on her face at the end.

Check out the website!: It's Finally Done!

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