Your Friend In Need

Your Challenging Moments Friend

As a registered user (it's free), you can have Chip be your companion during challenging moments in the day that you're able to anticipate.


This feature was requested by someone who was having trouble sticking to her diet, and told me that it would be nice if during a certain time of day, say between 7 to 8pm, she could have someone to help her stay strong during that period. As for me, I use this to get my Chip to ask me if I'm staying on task. It could also be used if you know you have cigarette cravings that are worse at certain times of the day, are having difficulty coping with a loss, etc. It's nice to have someone who can care and help with these things.


Chip Will Help You Get Through Challenging Periods in Your Day



  • 1. If you haven't done so already, introduce yourself to Chip so he knows who you are and what time zone you're in.
  • 2. Open the Challenges page.
  • 3. Fill in the fields. Here's the theory: let's say you want to be asked if you're staying on task each half hour from 9am to 5pm every weekday. You'd choose Challenge Name: staying on task, Frequency: Repeating, Repeats: Weekdays, Start Date: blank for starting today or specify a date in the future, Start Time: 09:00 am, End Time: 05:00 pm, Check In Every: 30. Finally, press Add This Challenge.
  • 4. To change an existing Challenge in the list below, use the pencil icon next to it, make your changes, then press Save This Challenge. To delete a Challenge, use the trash can icon next to it.


If you want to skip a Challenge, reply with something like "skip today".


One final important note: when you send a Challenge to a contact other than yourself, that person will automatically see your Personal EmpathyNow Email Address that we told you to keep private, even if they're not in your Trusted or Interactive Senders lists. (Read more here.) Why? Because the recipient needs to be able to tell Chip that s/he's started or finished a Challenge or wants to defer it. Therefore, make sure you only send Challenges to people who you're okay sharing this email address with.


If you have any questions following the above steps, feel free to contact us.