Empathy Messages

Send Empathetic Messages to Yourself or Those You Care About

As a registered user (it's free), you can schedule empathetic email messages like the kind you see on our Empathy Quick Hit page. Choose from a wide variety of categories (encouragement, cheering up, words for a friend, or someone you love) and specify whether it's a one-time or repeating message, the recipient, and any extra custom message. You can even allow the recipient to respond to your message and Chip will answer them!


Schedule Notifications for You or Those Close to You



  • 1. If you haven't done so already, introduce yourself to Chip so he knows who you are and what time zone you're in.
  • 2. Open the Notifications page.
  • 3. Fill in the fields, which are relatively self-explanatory, then press Add This Notification.
  • 4. To change an existing notification in the list below, use the pencil icon next to it, make your changes, then press Save This Notification. To delete a notification, use its trash can icon next to it.


Try this now for grins. Create a one-time notification for yourself, then enjoy it! If you have any questions following the above steps, feel free to contact us.