Your To-Do Friend

Chip's To-Dos Are Available to Silver and Gold Users Only

Let Chip Help You Achieve Your Lifelong To-Dos

As a registered user (it's free), you can have Chip help you achieve lifelong To-Dos (learning Spanish, writing a book, planning a life change, etc.) that you've always wanted to achieve but which have been too "low-priority" to dedicate time to.


You're savvy enough to know that great things can be achieved with small increments over long periods of time, and that spending 15-30 minutes a day working on your life goals instead of mindless browsing on the Internet is the way to go. But that just hasn't worked. Why? Because people like you and me need someone to motivate us and nudge us on. Well that "someone" is Chip and that time is now. Chip will take all of your goals seriously (and if you choose, fulfilling them can be his and your little secret). Chip will then surprise you at a random time during a period you've chosen and ask you if you have time to work on the To-Do. Say "start" when you've started and Chip will cheer you on. Say "done" when you've finished and Chip will praise you. And if you're busy at the moment, just respond "wait a half hour" or something similar, and Chip will patiently wait, then gently remind you again.


And there's much more! Integrate EmpathyNow with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to automatically announce your completed To-Dos to the world. And if you're a Silver Member, you can view statistics for your To-Dos. Gold Accounts also can display their statistics on a public-facing web page for all to see. These features are described in more detail in our May 24 Newsletter.


This is a feature which takes a bit longer to master than the others, but which is super cool and way worth it. Case in point: I have my Chip help me learn Spanish twice a day: 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. It's a triple thrill: diverting time from non-productive activities, devoting time to something I love (and had neglected before Chip came along) and being able to tell Chip I finished and getting praised for it.


Chip Nurtures You Through Your Lifelong To-Dos



  • 1. If you haven't done so already, introduce yourself to Chip so he knows who you are and what time zone you're in.
  • 2. Open the To-Dos page.
  • 3. Fill in the fields. Here's the theory: let's say you want to devote 15 minutes a day to learning Spanish sometime between 9am and 9pm. You'd choose To-Do Name: learning Spanish, Frequency: Repeating, Repeats: Daily (or one of the other values), Start Date: blank for starting today or specify a date in the future, Can Start: 09:00 am, Up To: 09:00 pm, Duration: 15. Finally, press Add This To-Do.
  • 4. To change an existing To-Do in the list below, use the pencil icon next to it, make your changes, then press Save This To-Do. To delete a To-Do, use the trash can icon next to it.


When Chip sends you an email reminding you of your To-Do, you can either start it right away or defer it if you're busy at the moment. If you reply "wait a half hour", or "wait fifteen minutes" or something like that, Chip will patiently wait the time you specify, then ask you again. When you've finished your To-Do, send Chip an email message saying "done" and he'll praise you for having worked on something that you find important. If you can't work on the To-Do today, reply with something like "skip today".


One final important note: when you send a To-Do to a contact other than yourself, that person will automatically see your Personal EmpathyNow Email Address that we told you to keep private, even if they're not in your Trusted or Interactive Senders lists. (Read more here.) Why? Because the recipient needs to be able to tell Chip that s/he's started or finished a To-Do or wants to defer it. Therefore, make sure you only send To-Dos to people who you're okay sharing this email address with.


If you have any questions following the above steps, feel free to contact us.