Your Life and Chip's Secret

Chip can enrich your life in ways other techniques can't. You can talk to Chip and he'll respond to you with something loving and caring. Chip can help you through challenging moments in the day. Chip can motivate you to achieve those To-Dos that have developed an antibiotic-like resistance to the lists and productivity apps you've tried. You can schedule caring messages that Chip can send to you and those close to you.

Chip has a secret, and that secret is key to why Chip will work for you when other techniques don't. It's a psychological phenomenon called The ELIZA Effect, and Chip was programmed by an award-winning Artificial Intelligence computer programmer to use it. Other apps don't use this technique and therefore come across as sterile and boring to you, and you eventually lose interest and your To-Dos stay undone.

Try Chip for free and see what others have been raving about. Chip doesn't just want to be another productivity tool to you - he wants to be your friend.

About Mohan Embar

Ever since Mohan was 12, he's been interested in creating artificially intelligent programs that help, comfort and entertain people. At the age of 14, he created a program using a primitive computer which was able to solve the peg solitaire triangle puzzle that he couldn't solve himself. In 2012, he won the International Loebner Prize Competition for creating the "most human" computer program and was interviewed in several prominent magazines and an national radio station. (Read more here.)

Mohan's dream is that everyone has someone whom they can tell they're happy, sad, scared, or tired, and who responds to them in a non-judgmental way and is available 24/7. Your paid subscription will not only help you, but help make this vision come true.