The Competitive Edge You Deserve

For Life CoachesAs a life coach, you're acutely aware that the intensity of your desire to help others doesn't automatically translate to paying clients. Not only do you have to deal with the realities of marketing yourself, you also have to cope with the brutal facts that:

  • Anyone can call themselves a life coach without any accreditation or qualifications.
  • The world is teeming with well-meaning, but ineffective life coaches.
  • You need to somehow stand out in order to survive and thrive.

I can definitely related to your situation because we computer programmers are in the same boat. Not only do I live in an era where programming jobs are often outsourced to the lowest bidder, but many managers fail to grasp the truism that a good programmmer can be 5 to 100 times more productive than a mediocre one and that bad ones can actually make things much worse[1].

Fortunately, with your talent and my computer program, we can make you stand out in a spectacular way. There are two ways you can do this: integration with your brand or an affiliate relationship.

Integration With Your Brand

When you integrate the services of EmpathyNow and Chip Vivant with your brand, you have the ability to dramatically increase your value proposition. Imagine being able to schedule empathetic notifications to your clients at certain times of the day or week, with custom messages about their specific issues, with your co-branding in the outgoing email messages. Imagine being able to schedule prerecorded phone messages using your own voice with similar messages. (This feature isn't available to retail consumers yet.) Imagine being able to use Chip's Challenging Moments and To-Do features for your clients: again, with your co-branding. Your clients will not only appreciate you for "getting them" and scheduling things for them, but they can also respond back to Chip's notifications and engage in mini-dialogs with Chip.

What starts out as a novelty quickly becomes a paradigm shift for both you and your clients, and gives you the edge you deserve to share your gift with the world. Contact us today for more details and pricing.

Affiliate Relationships

If you don't want to integrate with your brand or manage your clients' notifications, you can still earn extra income by reselling our services to your clients. Give your clients a new tool for taking charge of their lives while earning extra recurring income for the lifetime of your client's subscription, with a generous commission rate. Contact us for more details.