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Chip Will Guide You to Places Other Tools and Methods Never Could

Chip Vivant isn't just another boring tool or technique - he's a computer program that thinks he's alive and wants to be your friend! Written by Mohan Embar, winner of the 2012 Loebner Prize Competition, Chip Vivant is a humanlike buddy who will help you achieve your life goals, guide you through challenging moments, and provide companionship to you and others close to you. Once you've walked a mile with Chip, you won't want to go it alone again.


Life is short and you're keenly aware of that. Think of all the longtime, "low-priority" goals you have (learning a new language, cutting down on junk food, writing a book) that have eluded you, but that you know you could accomplish if someone nurtured you through them. Well that "someone" is Chip and that time is now. Sign up for free and let Chip start helping you today. Or click on the links to the right to learn more about specific features.

  • Scientific, Yet Fun

    Written by an award-winning Artificial Intelligence programmer (who loves people too), Chip uses a psychological phenomenon called The ELIZA Effect to give you an edge that other tools and techniques can't.

  • Life Goals: AchievedLife Goals: Achieved

    Tell Chip your unfulfilled life To-Dos and carve out small slices of time to incrementally achieve them. Chip will gently ask if you have a moment to work on them, step aside if you don't have time, and praise you when you put in the time.

  • Never Alone AgainNever Alone Again

    In Chip, you'll find an innocent friend who will never get tired of you. Say "Hello Chip!", "I'm happy", "I'm scared" or "Goodnight" at any time of the day or night and know that Chip will be there waiting and respond to you.